Цикл вебинаров Young Learners

Цикл состоит из 19 вебинаров на английском и русском языках по следующим темам:

  1. Creative Teaching
  2. Language Games
  3. Assessment
  4. Storytelling
  5. Teaching Literacy
  6. Teaching Grammar
  7. Teaching Vocabulary
  8. Theme-based Learning
  9. Task-based Learning
  10. Motivating Techniques
  11. Classroom Management
  12. TMI & CLIL
  13. Learn and wonder: how to turn a lesson into a surprise.
  14. Useful language to manage a VYL classroom.
  15. Setting up an all-round developmental environment for very young learners.
  16. Intelligence in action: qualitative observation of children abilities
  17. Sensory Games for Very Young Learners
  18. Mind map as a strategy to build the English Course.
  19. Teaching English to dyslexic children.

Стоимость каждого вебинара – 700 руб. Стоимость всего цикла –9800 руб.


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